Proficiency in algebra by 8th grade is now a statewide standard. Unfortunately, only 60% of Minnesota 8th graders are proficient in math, putting high school graduation in jeopardy.

But math skills mean more than a diploma. Economists predict that by 2020, 74% of jobs in Minnesota will require post-secondary education. By not achieving basic math competency, the future economic security of these students is at risk.

By partnering with Minnesota Math Corps, a strategic initiative of ServeMinnesota, schools can help these struggling students beat the odds. Math Corps tutors meet with students an average of 90 minutes per week to deliver research-based math interventions, address specific learning gaps of each individual student, assess progress. Tutors collect and share student data with classroom teachers.




"At Washington, 97% of Math Corps participants increased by 13 points on their math assessments. The national average is just over four points. In my 19 years of teaching, I'm not aware of any other program that can make that progress."

Thomas Koreltz
Math teacher at Washington Technology Magnet
Saint Paul, Minnesota


“Students have gained confidence in their math abilities, and the additional support from Minnesota Math Corps tutors has helped escalate student learning. The standards-based curriculum and the way it is taught ensures that students will be able to understand math concepts.”

Susan Okeneski
Teacher in North Saint Paul-Oakdale-Maplewood District 622

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How It Works

Minnesota Math Corps is a data-driven tutoring program that schools can use to help ensure that students become proficient in algebra by 8th grade. Math Corps tutors are trained to deliver research-based tutoring interventions to students in grades 4-8 who were not proficient on state math assessments. They cover two critical math strands that align with state exams: Numbers & Operation and Algebra. 

Working with students each week, tutors monitor progress, determine which interventions are appropriate, and help students meet proficiency standards.

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