Recovery Forum Series

The Opioid Crisis: The Response from Minnesota

October 2, 2018

Expert in the field, Peter Gaumond explains the current state of the opioid crisis on a national scale.

Third in a series, this forum focuses on social and economic solutions to the opioid crisis, including the mobilization of AmeriCorps members. Watch videos of keynote speakers Peter Gaumond, Liz Farmer, and Leslie Crutchfield as well as a panel discussion.

Fiscal policy writer Liz Farmer explains how to calculate the costs of the opioid crisis.

Author Leslie Crutchfield explains how social movements work to instigate change and how the tactics might be applied to solving the opioid crisis.

Panelists: Sen. Chris Eaton, Rep. Dave Baker, Dr. Lynn Blewett, Priscilla VanderVeer.

Speakers Leslie Crutchfield, Peter Gaumond, and Liz Farmer respond to audience questions.

Dr. John Kelly

July 7, 2018

Dr. John Kelly, associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and director of the Recovery Research Institute presents on substance use disorders stigma and bias. Keynote followed by discussion of national service’s role in recovery and methods of evaluating its impact.

The Opioid Crisis and the Impact of Recovery

On February 13, 2018, ServeMinnesota, the home of AmeriCorps programs in the state, hosted a forum to explore the current response to the opioid epidemic from a healthcare and economic perspective. We examined the most effective ways that the public sector, business and philanthropic groups in Minnesota can work together with nonprofit organizations to serve the urgent needs of a vulnerable and endangered community.


Dr. John F. Kelly, a renowned researcher on the topic of addiction and recovery lead the forum with a keynote presentation. Dr. Kelly addressed the neuroscience of addiction, the current public health model, the impact of stigma and discrimination, and the keys to long-term recovery.



Following Dr. Kelly's presentation was a panel representing Minnesota’s economic research, medical, and governmental communities.


The session serves as the foundation for the development of a statewide plan for how national service can be an integrated part of Minnesota’s efforts to ensure individuals are successful in achieving long term recovery.

Click here to download a Fact Sheet about the Opioid Crisis in Minnesota.