Law Enforcement Career Path Academy

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Saint Paul, and secondarily immediately adjacent cities in Twin Cities, Minnesota.

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Law Enforcement Career Path Academy


AmeriCorps members will be responsible for making thousands of positive non-law enforcement contacts in the community, supporting the community engagement efforts of the Saint Paul Police Department.  Activities will include hosting and attending multiple community education campaigns designed to increase understanding of American legal system and improve trust in local law enforcement. Members will also help expand access to Police Athletic League events for youth and children living in Saint Paul.  Through a partnership with Century College, members will also complete 340 hours of coursework, and training applicable towards a two year degree in law enforcement.

Essential qualifications to participate in program:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Must verify US citizen, US national or lawful permanent resident. Individuals of refugee or asylum status are not eligible
  • Must pass a criminal background check
  • Must be able to perform moderately strenuous physical activity
  • Must pass educational assessment to enroll in post-secondary educational institution, or be able to meet these requirements with limited remediation
  • Enrollment in in an authorized college working towards a degree in law enforcement

Top reasons that members like serving in this program:

  • Opportunity to pursue a two year degree in law enforcement
  • Gain valuable work experience in a career field that is challenging, meaningful and pays well
  • Engage with the youth and the community in fun and high energy environment (athletics, picnics, large scale community events)

Application Information:  Competitive applications open annually and are tied to mandatory orientation to the field of law enforcement. Call to learn more.

Visit the Law Enforcement Career Path Academy website to apply.

Meet a Law Enforcement Career Path Academy Member

Meet Victor and Mahamed, AmeriCorps members in Law Enforcement Career Path Academy.

How Law Enforcement Career Path Academy Creates Change

Members are committed to positively impacting their community and improving safety across city neighborhoods.