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By: Shayla Thiel Stern


5 Take-Aways from the 2018-19 Reading Corps and Math Corps Program Evaluation

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By Sadie O’Connor, Managing Director of Reading & Math Inc. (Reading Corps and Math Corps)

  1. Over 18 million minutes of interventions in reading and math. We placed tutors in more than 600 schools across the state of Minnesota who collectively provided over 18 million minutes of interventions to students who needed extra support. 18 million minutes — this is pretty spectacular!  We believe that every instructional minute counts, and we are so grateful to be welcomed into your buildings to provide this additional support to your students.
  2. Students making academic progress. Students participating in Reading Corps and Math Corps made incredible progress and growth last school year.
  • In PreK Reading Corps, 61% of students met the spring target on the PELI Composite. The PELI measures vocabulary and oral language, comprehension, phonological awareness and alphabet knowledge.
  • In K-3 Reading Corps, 75% of students exceeded target growth. The average growth per week for each grade level was higher than the expected growth. Kindergarten students had the most growth – growing 2.86 letter sounds per week compared to the target of 1.21.
  • In Math Corps, 82% of student increased their performance on fact fluency. The average student percentile rank on the STAR Math Assessment increased in all five grades, demonstrating improved math performance compared to peers across the country.
  1. High fidelity to implementation. We measure fidelity of implementation throughout the year, and see really high fidelity in all of our programs. Our fidelity of intervention implementation is 93%+ and our fidelity of assessment 97%.  This means that we can have confidence that the data we are looking at is accurate, and we know our tutors are delivering the interventions as they are designed to maximize the impact for students.
  2. Principals agree that our programs provide a systematic implementation of intervention and assessment. 95% of principals agreed that our programs help their school implement a system of literacy or math interventions and assessments. This is exactly what we hope to do for schools! From the early developmental stages of our program, this component of our model was important to us.  We want to be an effective resource to your school’s RtI or MTSS model.
  3. And finally …… how are your students doing? We love data, and we are pretty sure you do too! That is why we are making improvements to our reporting systems to allow us to easily produce for you real-time summaries of how students in your school and/or district are doing in the current year. We don’t have to wait until the end of the year for the final evaluation report to see outcome data!  If you’re interested in seeing how your students are doing, just contact us and our team will be happy to get you the information. You can reach me directly at

Do you want to see more about last year’s outcomes? View this PDF. 

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