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Catalysts for Positive Social Change

Our ServeMinnesota team provides the building blocks that help AmeriCorps programs run across the state of Minnesota. As a catalyst for positive social change, ServeMinnesota moves research to practice and deploys the people power of AmeriCorps to meet critical needs in Minnesota.

We foster an inclusive workplace environment made up of individuals all strongly committed to mission-driven work and service to our communities. 

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ServeMinnesota is a proud Employer of National Service. Currently 30% of our staff are AmeriCorps alumni.


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Staff Not Pictured:

Dmitry Konopatski, Principal Software Engineer

Brenda Squires, Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors

William Arendt

Dave Beal

Brenda Cassellius

Holly Christie

Jessica Damsgard

John Ellenberger

Elizabeth Emerson

Gracie George

Linda Gilligan

Thomas Horner

Martha Jones Sichko

Kate Kelly, Board Chair

Senator Susan Kent

Representative Debra Kiel

Representative Erin Koegel

Sumee Lee

Kayne Lussier

Nathan Prouty

Mary Quirk

Megan Remark

Robert Rumpza

Sam Schuth

Noya Woodrich

Change in the community starts with you.