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For him, AmeriCorps service was a bridge to the nonprofit sector

David Langley has worked for more than two years as the Engagement Manager at Prepare + Prosper, a Twin Cities nonprofit dedicated to providing low-cost financial services to people who need it. 

The role has been a great fit for him – “I’ve always wanted to work at a nonprofit that does mission-focused work,” David said, which is why he got a Masters Degree in nonprofit management. 

But David didn’t go straight from his graduate degree to his current role. Back in 2017 when he graduated, it was a challenge to find a position in the nonprofit sector, since many roles required real-world, full-time experience. 

Fortunately, David found two exciting roles with AmeriCorps to build up his resume. In his first position, he was stationed at All Parks Alliance for Change as a VISTA Community Organizer, where he helped resident associations in manufactured home parks (otherwise known as trailer parks) advocate for tenant’s rights and resist park sale. He then served as an Outreach Associate with Habitat for Humanity, where he built connections with other organizations and connected with the public to promote Habitat’s AmeriCorps program. 

His two AmeriCorps experiences landed him his current role at Prepare + Prosper. “I think AmeriCorps experience is just as valuable as a graduate degree,” David said. Through his AmeriCorps experience, he learned how to build meaningful relationships with organizations and individual people – a skill he uses to this day at Prepare + Prosper.

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