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If you take a gap year as an AmeriCorps member, you can put your values into action to make a difference. Join more than 2,500 members who use their compassion, determination, and creativity to help strengthen communities in Minnesota. 

We have a variety of programs. Most applications open in the spring, others in fall or winter. Some members join again because they enjoy their experience so much! If you’re not sure about serving a full year, we have some summer programs as well.

There are both part-time and full-time member opportunities all over Minnesota. Perks can include a stipend, an education award you can use for college later in life or to pay off a student loan, health benefits, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ section of our website for a better understanding of what AmeriCorps is and what benefits you'll receive. We have answers to your most pressing questions.

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Still have questions after reviewing the FAQs? We'll answer any additional questions you have about joining AmeriCorps and help you begin the application process. Simply fill out our form and add a message that you'd like to schedule a time to talk with someone on our team!

Top Reasons to Take a Gap Year with AmeriCoprs

Using the time to serve in AmeriCorps is a great option, and here are eight reasons why. If you’re interested in reading more, check out the full post on our blog now. 

1. Learn what you want – and don’t want.

2. An opportunity to help your community.

3. Get money for college.

4. Gain real-world professional experience.

5. Do a hybrid gap year.

6. Boost that resume.

7. Have an adventure.

8. Get paid.

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Contact Us for More Information

If you’d like to explore the AmeriCorps option after graduation, connect with us to talk more about the experience, what to expect, and next steps. Email or call to set up a time. You can reach Michelle at or 612-333-7740.

For in-person meetings, our office is located at 120 S. Sixth Street, Ste. 2260, Minneapolis, Minnesota.