Climate Impact Corps

Climate Impact Corps

There are two Initiatives within Climate Impact Corps: the Community Forestry Initiative and Home Energy Initiative.

Community Forestry Initiative

In September 2020, the Community Forestry Initiative was launched to engage a team of AmeriCorps members in the preservation and revitalization of Minnesota’s forests. Members serve at a nonprofit or public agency with a mission to preserve and protect Minnesota’s environment and strengthen communities, with a focus on preserving and increasing tree canopy. Service includes a variety of activities such as tree inventorying, tree planting events, gravel bed nursery design/construction/management, Emerald Ash Borer management plan development, citizen volunteer recruitment/training/utilization or outreach and education events.

Home Energy Initiative

Through the Home Energy Initiative, members support Minnesotans who are eligible for the Weatherization Assistance Program.  Members can help these households through education and services that potentially create an immediate impact on their quality of life and cost of living. With great training and opportunities to shadow technicians, members will connect with homeowners and renters to help them make decisions about energy assistance programs and energy-saving materials.

Meet a Climate Impact Corps Member

Sara has always had a wandering spirit. For decades, she’s done environmental field work all over the country. Once she decided to settle down, it was hard for her to find positions that made sense for her – until she found the Community Forestry Initiative.