Minnesota Alliance With Youth Promise Fellows

Service Areas

Service Activities

Help students be successful in school, Prepare students for high school graduation and college

Age Groups

4th – 8th Grade, High School

Service Terms Offered

one year, a couple of months (includes summer options), one semester

Time Commitment

full-time – 35-40 hours per week, part-time – 18-30 hours per week

Launches in

summer, fall, january

Contact Information


Minnesota Alliance With Youth Promise Fellows

AmeriCorps Promise Fellows serve as caring adults who support, mentor, and build positive relationships with young people in 6-12th grades on their path to high school graduation. Promise Fellows provide one-on-one and small group support to a group of students in a school or non-profit organization.

Minnesota Alliance With Youth works in partnership with youth to ensure that all young people have equitable educational opportunities that foster their individual assets, honor their voices, and prepare them for high school graduation. To further that mission, the Alliance hosts AmeriCorps Promise Fellows across the state. AmeriCorps Promise Fellows focus their service on working with young people could benefit from extra support and relationships to keep them on track in school and learning. Promise Fellows provide researched-based interventions that focus on promoting and improving attendance, school engagement, and work.

Minnesota Alliance with Youth also offers a Summer Engagement Fellow position. These AmeriCorps members help keep young people connected to their schools and communities, access opportunities, and set a firm foundation for the school year. Learn more about serving with AmeriCorps during the summer.

Essential qualifications for serving in the program:

  • The desire to build relationships with and support youth
  • Commitment to completing a full term of service

Top reasons that members like serving in the Minnesota Alliance With Youth:

  • Gain valuable experience in school and community based settings
  • Build skills in youth work and program management
  • Connections with professionals in the education field
  • Ability to give back to their communities

Meet a Minnesota Alliance With Youth Promise Fellows Member

Learn what it’s like to be an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow from Marcos, Emily, and Toe.

Visit the Minnesota Alliance With Youth website to apply.

How Minnesota Alliance With Youth Promise Fellows Creates Change

The Minnesota Alliance With Youth ignites the spark in young people to become actively engaged, develop strong voices, and acquire the skills needed for success in school, work and life.