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Stuck on what to do this summer? Here’s why you should join AmeriCorps!

Whether you’re a student on break, a retiree with some extra time, or someone looking to try something new, AmeriCorps can be the perfect summer opportunity. Many programs offer service terms during May and August – a much shorter service term than a full, year-long term.

Here are eight reasons why you might want to spend your summer as an AmeriCorps member. Not sure what AmeriCorps is? Learn more here.

Summer is a shorter time commitment than a year-long term.

You don’t have to serve for an entire year with AmeriCorps! You’ll serve for about three months if you serve with AmeriCorps in the summer. If you love it, there’s always the option of serving for a year-long term – and you can jump right in, since many programs start their program year in the fall! The summer term also works well if you’re on a student schedule and/or can’t serve full-time during the academic year.

No experience or education background is required.

If your resume isn’t a mile long, that’s totally ok – it doesn’t need to be to serve with AmeriCorps. AmeriCorps programs train people before service begins, so you’ll get up to speed on everything you need to know to do a great job. This also makes AmeriCorps in the summer a great option for students (college and high school) since you don’t need to have finished college or have had a previous job in order to serve. 

You’ll get paid – and get money for school, too.

AmeriCorps members get paid a stipend that adds up to as much as $6,000 for the entire summer, depending on the program. You’ll also get an education award, which is money you can apply to pay off student loans or to other school-related expenses. 

You’ll be able to choose the program and site that works for you.

When you apply to a program, you’ll usually be able to share your preference for which site you want to serve with. This means you’ll be able to choose the location that you feel the closest connection with – as well as being able to choose the site that you want. It’s best to apply sooner rather than later so you can choose the program, site, and location you like the most!

You’ll get resume experience and build connections.

Especially if you don’t have many professional experiences, serving with AmeriCorps can give you that. You’ll get connected to the people at your site as well as fellow AmeriCorps members in your same program. Many programs also have career development offerings, including advice from working professionals.

You’ll be giving back to Minnesota communities (while still earning money!)

All our programs are backed up with research, so you’ll be sure to make an actual impact with your work. Plus, we have lots of programs to choose from – so you can figure out what your unique contribution will be.

You’ll get in-depth training – and be equipped to make a difference!

The training we offer for different programs is based on our research – its proven to make an impact.

You’ll become part of a well-known national network.

AmeriCorps exists in every state in the U.S. and more than 1 million people are alumni from the program. After serving with AmeriCorps, you’ll be in great company, and have a unique connection to other AmeriCorps alumni.

Interested in serving with AmeriCorps during the summer? Check out our summer page and programs with summer terms that are currently recruiting: 

If you missed a deadline or have any questions, reach out to our team!

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