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Service on Social: The Best Tweets, Grams and Posts of the Week

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Welcome to a special winter-themed edition of Service on Social. ServeMinnesota is based in Minneapolis, where we’ve endured many subzero days this winter and now are buried beneath several feet of snow. However, AmeriCorps members in many parts of the country seem to be serving in a winter wonderland this year, and that warms our hearts. This edition of Service on Social is dedicated to all the AmeriCorps members who are serving outdoors this season and making the most of it.

  1. Shout out to the Fergus Falls crew of Conservation Corps training in the snow, with chainsaws, in Western Minnesota. Talk about hardcore service! Well done, AmeriCorps members!

2. You can’t survive out in the frozen tundra — chainsaw or no — unless you are properly trained, and in the case of Conservation Corps members in Minnesota, they train to survive all four seasons. This cozy new crew trained for Cold Weather Survival at Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center, and it looks like they aced it. Thanks for the great Instagram capture and terrible puns, @yo_one_cares!

3. If you’re part of the Green City Corps with the New York City Housing Authority, urban farming happens even after a few inches of snow. (Note: When you don’t have a snow shovel, a gardening shovel might do the trick.)

4. Montana Conservation Corps recently posted this awesome shot of their 2019 Crew Leaders taking the AmeriCorps pledge, mostly-mittenless, in the crisp mountain air.

5. AmeriCorps Cape Cod at Barnstable, Mass., welcomed a new member to their team in February. Although his personality may be a little icy, they seem happy to hang out with him. Unfortunately, he most likely will only stick around through late March or early April.

6. Washington Conservation Corps crews have been clearing trails and making public access points safe during their state’s recent snow storms, but as they demonstrate, it’s sometimes fun to just take a moment to play (and wonder whether spring will ever come).

Do you want to learn more about serving in Conservation Corps (in any season)? Visit our page about AmeriCorps positions in Conservation Corps.

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