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Service on Social: The Best Tweets, Grams and Posts of the Week

ServeMinnesota has gathered some of our favorite recent social media posts about AmeriCorps and service. Follow our social platforms at @ServeMN and #IServeMN to let us know what posts you think are most noteworthy. 

  1. We loved this post from Danielle Bauer, a newly-minted AmeriCorps Community Volunteer Ambassador at Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio, who will begin service in this winter wonderland soon.

2. Can’t you just feel the camaraderie in these photos posted by Shan Bolen, an AmeriCorps member from Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity? Teamwork is such an important benefit of service. (Read another Habitat member’s story about the many benefits of service here.)

3. It’s so cool to see AmeriCorps members shining a spotlight on the service of fellow members, which is exactly what Patrick Farley of Minnesota Recovery Corps did in a post featuring his fellow Recovery Corps member, Heather Young, who says: “Being an AmeriCorps Member has really solidified my desire to help people all across the community. I wake up every morning now and one of the first things on my mind is ‘How can I help?’ ‘How can I best be of service and really make a difference in the world?’”

4. College Possible coach Marah took the reigns of the College Possible Minnesota Twitter feed for a day. Her posts reflect the many ways the organization’s AmeriCorps members help young people achieve their dreams of going to college. Her first post is below, but you can follow along her thread on Jan. 11 to learn more about a day in the life of a College Possible coach.

5. Serving outdoors in the winter in Brainerd, Minnesota, can be a real adventure. Conservation Corps members also hold a special place in our hearts, @nwconservcorps!

6. One of our favorite non-wintery posts this week comes from @thebackcountrycook, a.k.a. , Kelly Kate Warren of the U.S. Forest Service in California. Her recent Instagram post about how AmeriCorps service affected her life inspired us to think about the amazing and unexpected paths AmeriCorps can forge for members. If some of those paths happen to be in some of the most beautiful wildlife areas in the country, so much the better, right?

Do you want to learn more about opportunities to serve in AmeriCorps? Check out our list of programs and opportunities.

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