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8 AmeriCorps Alums on Why They Recommend Service

I gained valuable professional experience

“AmeriCorps … is just such a great way to add to your skill set and add to how you view and interact with people. I would encourage anyone that’s interested in learning more about it and helping others in a significant way. I’m glad I took that chance.”

“I can be that light bulb for folks that don’t see working in education as something accessible to them or something that they could do, because they don’t already have professional experience with it – I can say if you’re willing to do training, follow the process, we’ll give you everything you need to be successful, and you’ll be able to know that you’re making a difference."

I didn’t have to have special work experience or training

“I always thought I would do something to give back to the community, though I never thought it could be something like AmeriCorps. I always thought of that as a huge thing that I didn’t think I was qualified to do. I was like, ‘How in the world did I get chosen for this as a kid who just got out of high school?’ But what I like about AmeriCorps was they didn’t mind that I didn’t have work experience. They were looking for – ‘Are you here to help? Are you here to learn how to help the people that need help?’”

I could customize my service experience to my interests and schedule

"There are many programs to choose from – so anyone can find something that interests them while doubling as a way to give back to communities that they care about. On top of the vast array of purposes to the programs you can serve in, there’s a myriad of choices as far as commitment level – whether that’s a summer term like I started with, or jumping in with both feet for a year of service."

It was a clear way to give back to my community

“Giving back to the community is an experience that is sometimes hard to find, and people have a lot of questions about how to do it, and this is such a clear way of doing it.”

“Now more than ever it is so important to live our lives compassionately and to think critically, and to help others in any way that we can. If you are able to serve different communities, it is so great, and you’ll find that you’ll gain more than you can ever give.”

It shifted my perspective and got me out of my comfort zone

“Everyone should do a year of service. If we can get people to get outside their comfort zone, it has huge effects down the line.”

“AmeriCorps service invites you to learn more about the privileges you have and the communities that surround you. It truly changes your perspective.”

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