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By: Ellie Bullard


Let’s clear up these myths about AmeriCorps

True: AmeriCorps members get paid, receive money to help pay for school, and get benefits. 
False: AmeriCorps members don’t get paid.

AmeriCorps is service, not a job, so you won’t make a ton of money while serving. But members do get paid a living allowance every two weeks. Because it’s not an hourly wage, you can expect a reliable paycheck. In addition to the living allowance, members earn an education award at the end of their service term. That’s up to $6,495 (equivalent to the Pell Grant) that can be used to repay student loans or pay education expenses. Anyone older than 55 can gift their education award to a family member. Other perks are available too, like health care for full time members, child care assistance, metro transit discounts, supply stipends, and more.

True: With AmeriCorps, you can serve for as few as three months and as long as a year. 
False: You have to serve for a year. 

Most AmeriCorps positions are about a year long (11 months), but there are options for shorter terms of service as well. Some programs offer a summer term (3 months) or a semester of service (4-5 months). Plus, some programs offer additional flexibility with both full-time and part-time positions. AmeriCorps members have the option of serving for up to four terms of service total. 

True: People of all ages serve with AmeriCorps! 
False: Only people in their teens and 20s serve. 

There is no upper age limit for AmeriCorps! While many members are young adults, about 30% of members are retirees. Plus, the opportunity serves as a great way to pivot into a new career field – at any age. 

True: AmeriCorps builds your resume with skills, certifications, and/or degrees. 
False: AmeriCorps won’t help you build your skills or your resume. 

AmeriCorps service is actually pretty similar to a paid internship: it’s a summer-long or year-long position that will help you grow your professional skills and network. What’s different is that AmeriCorps also gives you the special experience of serving communities in your state. Service is a great way to explore possible career paths and figure out what you enjoy doing. More recently, we also started offering Career Pathways, which help pay for (and in some cases, cover entirely) the cost of certifications and higher education degrees required for certain jobs in education, recovery, environment, and other areas. 

True: There are many different AmeriCorps programs to choose from in MN. 
False: Tutoring is the only way to serve with AmeriCorps. 

AmeriCorps programs in Minnesota focus on everything from education to environment to housing to recovery, so there is something for everyone! Along with helping students be successful in school through education-focused positions, there are also service positions in nonprofits, local governments, parks and trails, and community organizations. All of our programs offer full-time positions, and some offer part-time opportunities as well. Check out our full list of programs! 

True: AmeriCorps members can choose where to serve. 
False: With AmeriCorps, you don’t get to choose where you serve. 

Fun fact: AmeriCorps programs serve 82 out of the 87 counties in MN! You can apply to any opportunity that interests you with an open application. Some AmeriCorps members choose to give back to their hometown, while others choose to take on a new adventure by relocating to their service site’s community. Positions are filled on a rolling basis, so we always recommend applying as soon as possible to the program that interests you!

Interested in serving with AmeriCorps? Check out or programs list and fill out our interest form to get in touch with our recruitment team experts!

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