Peter Nelson

Peter Nelson, Ph.D.

My role at ServeMinnesota is particularly rewarding because it offers the opportunity to engage in research and development projects that can almost immediately be applied to practice. At its heart, I think of service as a collection of unselfish acts. This of course includes long-term efforts, but it also includes countless small opportunities to help others each day. This past year I had the opportunity to observe the pledge ceremony for Reading and Math Corps. For me, it was a reminder of how many people in our state devote a significant amount of their time to helping others.

Every family has their tradition — ours was a new board game every year for each of the three kids. Fast forward a few decades (and families of our own) and we’ve got a lot of options. Just in case the opportunity arises, I keep a few games in my trunk and always have a deck of cards in my briefcase. I can never tell if this is more weird than fun, but let’s go with fun.