Reddi for Action: Building a Digital Bridge

Ravi Reddi lives up to his name - he is ready to change lives. "How many lives have I changed today?" he asks. And the answer is: a lot.

More than 1,200 Minnesotans Join Nationwide Celebration of AmeriCorps’ 20th Anniversary
Northside Achievement Zone CEO Sondra Samuels to receive National Leadership Award 

[BLOOMINGTON, MINN.]– On Friday, September 12, more than 1,100 Minnesotans will participate in a nationwide celebration of AmeriCorps’ 20th Anniversary Friday at Mall America – with a livestream address by President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton. 


middle aged man standing beside a red brick wall

"What Reading Corps does for us is it essentially provides us a full-service model to meet the needs of all kids. There's the extra support, that extra boost for our kids who aren't at grade level and are working hard to be at grade level."

Steve Abrahamson, principal at Ridgeview Elementary School in Bloomington, Minnesota